Tuesday, January 29, 2013

You Might Say She Danced Her Socks Off!

Friday Night, Miss A's Elementary School had a Sock Hop in the Gym.  A perfect event for a cold January Night and a way for kids to let off some steam and for parents to hang out and chat.  In other words, a great way to spend a Friday Night.

Miss A has just about the cutest little friends.  They were "hoping around the gym" to all the great tunes from Selena Gomez to the Go-Go's and you know Mr P had to get out there and shake his grove thing to the like of Belinda Carlisle.  If only I had been quick enough with the camera, I could have some great photographic evidence of his skills on the dance floor.  Thankfully, Miss A is still at the stage that her dad's antics are adorable and not embarrassing.

Miss M joined us for the evening.  She was in the terms of the Principal a little like Mary Poppins and had a group of "little kids" following her around the floor and begging her to dance with them.  The joy of being such a popular babysitter is that you have a lot of little kids who know you at the elementary school.  One little boy was running circles around the gym and then coming by to smile at Miss M until she finally started dancing just with him.

The gym itself reminded me of a junior high dance except for instead of boys on one side of the gym and girls on the other, this time is was parents sitting on chairs circling the outside of the gym while their children were in the middle.  Between the heat generated from hundreds of bodies and the loud noise of the DJ, the memories of my middle school dances came flooding back. No wonder my kids don't ever want to go to those events!

I must say that watching the 2nd grade girls dancing and running around made me realize how blessed I am to see my children make such great friends and create some wonderful memories with their buddies.  Having been a part of this fantastic school for almost twelve years, we've seen our share of school events, carnivals and family fun nights.  We've sat by new and old friends at each of these events and witnessed the aging of both ourselves and our children through the years, but the one constant is that the best things in life are these really simple things. There is nothing like a DJ with a treasure trove of CD's, a non-decorated gym, and a bunch of healthy kids who just want to have fun.  Nothing fancy, just old fashioned getting together with friends and letting your hair down so to speak.

Maybe I've been reading too many Amish and Frontier Fiction books lately, but does it get any better than having a night of good music and fun with a bunch of people you are sharing your lives with.  I think not.

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