Monday, January 28, 2013

How Can I Be So Far Behind....

I just realized yesterday that's its almost February. Where is this year going?  I'm so far behind in my posting this month and have missed or forgotten dozens of funny things the kids have said lately to me that I've decided I really need to be posting current things when they happen and then go back later and fill in on the big things/events so I don't lose track of things.
To get caught up, I'm going to Bullet Point just a few things:
  1. I finally finished our 2009 Scrapbook literally one year after starting.  It went really quick don't you think?  I guess when it sits on your scrapbook table for months collecting dust, it is not good.  Just a few more days of journal to do and it can join the scrapbook shelf with the others.  Now I'm only three years behind.  The best part is that I was able to write the funny things and remember what happened in the pictures by reading my blog posts from 2009.  That's why I do this!
  2. My mind is already starting to think about 40 Bags in 40 Days coming up in February.  I've even done some early bird purging to get ready.  This year, I plan on tackling the basement which could result in a record number of bags.  I think my pack rat husband should be worried about the Master Closet reorganization I have planned after that.
  3. Miss A had a Sock Hop at school last Friday night.  She informed me that morning that she was not taking a date.  She might "couples dance" with a few of her friends, but she was going solo.  Guess the joy of having a High School student in the family is that Miss A knows that dances normally require dates.  I'm just glad she's not interested in dating as a 2nd grader.
  4. Mr C and  Golf.  That's almost a complete thought just saying C's name and the word Golf in a sentence.  This boy is so fixated on golf lately that he has us watching the Golf Channel in the morning before school for tips, has a fantasy golf league going, and now has his prized set of clubs sitting in the Dining Room to keep them warm.  Guess keeping them in my trunk allows them to get too cold and now that he has a new set of Ping Irons, he wants to "baby" them.  I think he's logged more time at the indoor driving range/golf stimulator than I've been to gym this month and considering I'm going three times a week that's a record for both of us.  A few days ago, it was warm enough to go the Driving Range at a nearby club and while he was alone for awhile on the mats, a few other High School Golfers showed up too.  You could say tryouts in a month has this crowd nervous or at the least, itching to play a round.
  5. Miss M and her Nook are logging more hours reading actual books than my husband who has had his for two years has logged in total.  We are searching for a series she will like and I'm trying to remember what books I liked as 12 year old girl. Anne of Green Gables, the Christy Series and To Kill a Mockingbird have recently made her list.  My problem is that I'm horrible at remembering the names of books I read, maybe even the one I'm reading right now. I've read 10 books already this month and can't tell you the names of any of them, but if I picked it up again I could say in two lines if I've read it before.  Maybe Miss M and I should start a blog with the books we are reading so we can remember.
  6. Finally, I have a few crafting ideas floating around in my head that I might want to accomplish this week either for home or as gifts.  Something about winter that makes my head and hands want a project to make the dark and cold days a gift because I feel no guilt "doing something fun" and creating.  I have a big knitting project I'm working on that I hope to finish early this spring, but I love to have quick and easy things to do too.

    A floating wall of hearts.  Valentine Mason Jars ( I have so many Masons Jars, and I think this might be perfect for our month of Secret Valentines too.) for the front door a Chevron Heart and finally I'm thinking of redoing our Kitchen Stools with this method ( just don't tell my husband)
See I told you I had a lot of things I was behind in sharing.  Maybe next, I'll share some of the funny outtakes from our lives this month. You know there are some!
Happy Almost February.

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