Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Legoland: Let Your Creative Juices Flow

While Miss M was off performing in the evening competition and letting her creative juices flow, Mr C and Miss A were creating their own fun at Lego Land.  After learning how Lego's are made and becoming a "Certified Lego Builder," you got to weigh and measure yourself in Lego's.  My husband would like to point out that he is still taller than his son (by two Lego's).  I of course first thought that the pictures my husband took were actually Mug Shots!


Nice to know that these pictures are really just them trying hard to be serious while standing up next to stacked Lego's. Not an easy task.

Miss A really liked the "Rides" at Legoland and thought the 4D Movies were great and saw all three movies more than once.  Can't really have too much of good thing in her mind.  While Mr C was busy building Lego Racers and shutting down other little girls dreams of beating him on the course, Miss A was trying all the different exhibits out and dragging her father behind her.

I'm so glad that the Mr C was willing to go back into his childhood and play with Lego's again and that we could find this fun place for them to have a little fun on a Saturday evening. I love even more the fact that Mr C and Miss A could enjoy this event together.  With their age span, it is not always easy to find "things" that they can both enjoy and can share a joint memory together.

My husband said one of the most impressive parts of the "Museum" were the miniature mock ups of Kansas City; what a masterpiece.

For a cold evening in Kansas City, Legoland is a perfect place to spend some time and let your creative juices flowing.

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