Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sledding: A sport where the goal is to leave with all your limbs and teeth in place

Christmas came and went so fast this year.  I think it's because school got out on Friday and Christmas was the following Monday. Normally, we have days between the start of Winter Vacation and the celebration of Christmas that we get to do a few of our "fun things."  The fun this year was that we got to have Christmas right away and then we got plenty of days left to enjoy our new toys, watch movies, stay up late, and do some family fun activities.

Unlike last year when there was no snow all winter, this year we celebrated a "White Christmas" allowing us to do some fun things outside.  When we heard a few friends were heading out to a state park to go sledding the Sunday between Christmas and New Years, we knew this was a perfect time to whip out the snow pants and sleds.  Of course when someone in the family grows seven inches in a year; it's hard to still fit into size 16 boys snow pants.  

Being the economical mother that I am,we purchased some heavy duty athletic pants and had Mr C layer!  I'm too cheap to buy snow pants at a sporting goods store when who knows if we'll have snow again this winter or if Mr C will grow another few inches this winter!   Thankfully, Mr C is enough of a sport to just go along.

The snow which had been on the ground for over a week, created a sledding hill that was part ice and part patted down snow. Perfect for a fast trip down the hill.  Within minutes of arriving, the kids were down the hill, laughing and squealing with delight!  Someday, I'm going to have to take them to Colorado for some winter skiing which is their mother's favorite sport.

It was a perfect day.  Everyone was having a blast; Mr C even joined his youngest sister on the sled for a few trips down the hill.  Miss M and P were having races down the fast short hill.  According to both Miss M and Miss A, this would have been the best day ever if only there was a quicker way to get up the hill than carrying your sled all the way.

The only thing missing according to the kids was a cup of Hot Chocolate to top off the day.  Next time, we'll know to bring our own Thermos.  I guess having hot beverages at a toboggan run is a little too much for a state park.  Thankfully, Dad saved the day later by treating us to Pizza!

The best part however is that we all came home with all our limbs still in place and with no injuries.  While sledding is not a contact sport or something you normally consider to be injury inducing; there is a little fear involved in hurling your body down a snow covered hill on a little piece of plastic.

At least that was my perspective while I sat in the craft hut and knitted away.  I did however venture out to take a few photos!

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