Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas 2012: Ponderings vs Photographing

It's funny.  This is my first Christmas with my new fancy camera and I have less pictures than ever to show for it.  Part of this is due to the fact that the girls took turns over the weekend suffering from a cold and cough meaning a few of our plans for fun were postponed and the rest is because I was too busy trying to enjoy the moment rather than capture it on film (memory card?)

These years with kids in our house and the hustle and bustle of a teenager, tween, and elementary kid are fleeting.  I'm beginning to cherish the "moments" more and try to be like Mary and ponder them more in my heart.  My husband commented that our gifts under the tree are less toys and games and more clothes and electronics.  Miss A may never be allowed to grow up as we just love to see the Barbies and American Girl doll items unwrapped!  She still squeals with delight when she sees that Santa brought her the Guitar Stand she desperately wanted.

I don't want to forget that wonder and excitement for each part of the Christmas season.  She loves every moment from the putting up of the Christmas Tree to the Carols being played on the radio to driving around looking at lights.  Sure Miss M and Mr C still love those things too, but its more of a grown up appreciation rather than a childlike wonder.  I've caught each of them having moments of child like awe and been grateful that they still have the joy and peace that can only come at Christmas.

As I told my husband, the difference between little kids and teens is their willingness to just bask in the joy and get all caught up in the excitement.  That and that cost of their "wants!"

It's so easy in the midst of celebrating the season to lose grip on being calm and still.  That is what this time of year is really suppose to do for us help us by helping us to "ponder anew the wonder of the manger."  How I want to just get caught up in the joy!  So that's what I did on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. When we busy celebrating with family and unwrapping all the gifts, I tried to capture in my heart and mind the excitement and the joy the recipient had in receiving the gift.

I don't think I can easily forgot the joy on Mr C's face when he opened his last gift and saw that his parents finally gave into all the "subtle" hints about the XBox he wanted or Miss M's face when she opened a sparkly blue Nook case and realized that she was getting a Nook this year thinking that even if Santa didn't come through her parents did!

Blessed beyond measure.

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