Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas Tea Party with Nana

Some of my daughter's favorite memories each year are the fabulous English Tea Parties held by my mom.  Precious.  Getting all dressed up in fancy dresses, wearing hats and then sitting down at the dining table all adorned with the best dishes and decor is every little girls' dream.  Watching these parties unfold as a spectator (with a camera), you can almost taste the excitement.

Miss A decided that this year it would be perfect to have a Christmas Tea Party.  She was right.  When I picked up the six girls after school, they were skipping and giggling all the way to Nana's house.  Miss M and I in the front seat were wishing for ear plugs as the sound level as a little bit under the maximum decibel allowed by law!  Of course, it's hard to not smile and giggle when you and five of your best girlfriends are playing the "animal game" and the "campfire game."  Sometime, I'll have to explain these car ride favorites.

Upon arrival at the Tea Party, the girls were quickly off to get all gussied up for the event.  Miss A had me under strict orders not to come downstairs and take pictures.  It's private, she informed me!  Each girl than made a Grand Entrance up the stairs announced by the "help" Miss M.  Without fail, they all posed and twirled at the top, ready now for the paparazzi.

Let me say, that you can read a lot into the personality of the girl by the dress, hat and handbag she wears to a tea party.  They let their personality shine.

The tea party is part English Tea Party Etiquette lessons (hotting the pot, holding the tea cup) and part Ladies Luncheon Conversational lessons (what will Will and Kate's Baby be named? What's the best Christmas Gift?), but most of all it's just adorable.  Everyone is on their best behavior, except when they clink their glasses and want more to eat from the "wait staff."  They are giggling and grinning from ear to ear.

Of course, a perfect Tea Party sometimes includes a little craft time too.  This year the girls went home with ornaments to hang on their Christmas Trees. It was a perfect little way to spread some Christmas Cheer and a great memory that my daughter and her friends will treasure for years to come.  I might have heard one of the guests whisper to Miss A, "don't forget to invite me next year, I'm sure I can come!"

A Christmas Tea Party is just the thing to get little girls into the Christmas Spirit!

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