Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Girl Scout Caroling: Sharing a Little Christmas Cheer

It's that time of year again when I give up my fear of public speaking and singing off key as I lead a group of anxious and happy little girls in sharing a little Christmas Cheer with some residents at a Retirement Village.  This year, we asked the kindergarten and first grade troops to join us which might seem crazy except for the fact that it's so much fun to see all those girls all dressed up.  Plus a few extra voices couldn't hurt either. That much adorableness in one room; way too cute!

What I love the most about these evenings is watching the faces of the residents and hearing their sweet voices chime in on the "classic" Christmas Carols.  There really is nothing more precious than hearing the mingling of the young and older voices singing Silent Night.  Heavenly.  

One part of caroling that makes me a little sad is how little the girls know of those classic Christmas Carols.  I keep forgetting that we are living in a post modern culture where it's more correct to sing Jingle Bells than Away in a Manger.  Where we can say Happy Holidays, but not Merry Christmas. However, at events like this, where girls are exposed to the words of faith filled hymns and the older generation shines forth singing them from memory makes me confident in the future again.  My job as a mom is make sure that my child has the opportunity to be a part of events like this that allow her to share her faith with her school friends and others.

Really isn't that what Christmas should be all about, spreading a little of the message of "Joy to the World" with others?  Miss A might argue that it should be topped off with a trip to Starbucks for Hot Chocolate afterwards, and who am I to argue.

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