Friday, December 28, 2012

Welcome Mister Mustache: Our New Family Member

I think Miss A might have woken up on the day after Christmas more excited than Christmas Morning.  She was ready to go to the pet store bright and early to pick up the newest member of the family. A Beta Fish formally known as Mister Mustache.

Miss A had been begging for a family pet for months, maybe even years.  I'll admit I'm the hold out. I don't like cats, I'm allergic to dogs and I'll never allow anything in my house that looks like a rodent.  Remember my rules; No Cats, Bats or Rats.  We've been down the road of fish before back when Mr C was but a wee little lad.  I think we went through no less than a half dozen fish before finally giving into the idea that we are not pet people.

By the end of first attempt at owning a fish, Mr C was so use to seeing the fish floating at the top that he learned to flush them away all on his own.  Of course, Mr C was only about five at the time meaning that Miss A has never lived with a pet.  According to her, she's the only child in all of second grade without a pet to talk about at school.

We arrived at Pet Smart at 10:00 ready to spend our gift card for a fish and supplies. Thankfully, we'd already bought the fish tank and prepped it with treated water the night before.  The process of adopting a fish is not slow.  There was much deliberation over male vs female, bright colored and active vs exotic and slow until finally we'd picked our favorite.

Mister Mustache.  

After the bumpy ride home, we released him into our habitat and within minutes he looked happy.  Miss A would periodically check on him throughout the day and talk to him about what sights and sounds he might be hearing.  She even wrote him a note and asked him a few questions, but as of yet he's not responded.  Maybe Mr Mustache is a little shy!

Who knows how long this adventure in pet ownership will last or if we'll be on a 3rd or 4th generation of fish in a short while, but for now all is well.  I will say however that Miss A has a great attitude about the fish. She's willing to feed him and change the tank and always talks to him in the morning.  However, she does a short list of names for subsequent fish ready in case.

Maybe when Miss M and Mr C are off to college, I'll be willing to give in on a dog; I just wouldn't count on it!

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