Friday, December 21, 2012

Snow Day Fun

We finally had a Snow Day.  Well at least the girls got a snow day, poor Mr C still had school!  According to C, his was the only school in a four state radius that had school on Thursday though I'm not sure his information is completely accurate.  Thankfully, with a little pre planning between us and the school, Mr C was spending the night at school on Wednesday Night when the Blizzard (Winter Storm Draco) blew through dropping about 9 inches of snow and causing much blowing and drifting.

The only problem with the plan was that Mr C's school lost electricity at about 8:00 p.m. meaning they were working on a generator that heat, but didn't give them much "power."  By early morning, they were taking Final Exams in the Kitchen, Dining Hall and rooms with windows!  I think you could say it was 200 person sleep over without any lights, but much fun.  

Thankfully, we were never without power which was helpful in making Hot Cocoa and Tea for the girls when they came in every 20 minutes to warm up from their snow fun.  They were sledding and building snow blocks by 10 a.m.  Nothing says snow day more than the dryer running overtime to heat up wet coats and gloves and the tea kettle whistling with boiling water.  

Miss A was especially thrilled with the Snow Day saying that she'd only experienced one in her elementary career.  Considering the fact she's only in 2nd Grade, doesn't seem that long.  To a young girl though, a year is like a decade.  According to her, it wasn't fair that we had plenty of snow days when she was toddler and baby that she didn't get to take full advantage since she wasn't in school yet.

By late Thursday afternoon, Mr C had returned home in time to watch his siblings and mother dredge out the end of the driveway from the street plow and laugh that his sisters would have school on Friday and he was done for the "year!"  Guess his time away in the cold and snow didn't cause him to miss us too much.  We did realize, however, why he's only a Day Student at the Boarding School; we missed him!  I did especially when the plow came through and I knew I was the strong one in the bunch.

Snow Days rank up there as one of the great reasons to live in the Midwest.  At least that's what I keep telling my Texas thin blood husband.

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