Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Norwegian Christmas Party and Church Christmas Program

There is just something about a Sunday afternoon in December that screams; "too many events, too little time."  At least that is how it goes for our family.  After months of having a pretty light schedule, it appears that Sunday afternoons in December are just calling out for events and it is never not just one event, but multiple.  In some ways, you barely get to enjoy the experience you are having because you are so worried about getting to the next event.

I've said it before and I'll repeat myself again.  They should have Christmas Parties in February and Christmas Musical Programs in January.  Looking at my 2013 Calendar, it's open.  

Miss A's Christmas Musical at Church was at 1:00 and the Sons of Norway Christmas Party was at 4:00 (or as Mr C would say, a very early time for dinner!) meaning we'd have just enough time in between to come home and switch clothes, pick up the older children we've left home to study for finals, and head out. 

It's fun to see Miss A starting to come out of her shy shell and actually sing along at Music Programs.  That shy little preschool girl is long gone and she not only sang, but looked like she was actually having a wonderful time!  There is something heavenly about seeing a group of young children sing the classic Christmas Carols that brings a tear to your eye and the worship just seems so sincere.

Our next event was the Sons of Norway Christmas party complete with dancing around the Christmas Tree singing Norwegian Christmas Songs, reciting the Norwegian Athem (and the Canadian Anthem?) and wondering why we were among the youngest people in the crowd!  Where are all the young Norwegians?
Mr C and Miss M would say that they don't eat dinner at 4:30 p.m.!  Hey, at least we are back home by 6:00 or as the Sons of Norway President would say, before dark!

To be honest, while we might mock the craziness of the Norwegian Christmas Party, deep down we all enjoy being a part of this cultural event.  Miss M has learned the Norwegian Table Prayer, in Norwegian; Miss A has learned that at no other event is the Santa Claus have such a Norwegian accent or so thin!  Mr C of course is only really in it for the food.  This year he developed a love for Jarlsberg Cheese and has decided that if that's the quality of the dishes that arrive for the pot luck, eating super early isn't too bad.  

Plus we know how important this event is to our husband/father.  P likes to know that we are passing along the cultural heritage and sharing a little of the Norwegian traditions along to our kids.  At the end of the day, he wants to make sure that the Norwegian Flag and American Flag garland that are on our own family Christmas tree reminds the kids of the privilege they have to be Norwegian Americans!  

All the running around and hustle and bustle of the season really isn't too bad.  It makes us appreciate the long winter weeks ahead!  When there is nothing else to do but sit home and watch football games and read books, we don't feel guilty. We've earned the time off!

God Jul!

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