Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Ultimate Superstar : Girls Shine in Summer Musical

As a capstone to a fabulous summer, the girls had their Summer Musical performance this weekend.  Both Miss M and Miss A had a part in our dance studio's Christian Musical; the Ultimate Superstar where M served as the Talent Show Host and one of it's acts, the Country Girl Comedian, while Miss A was a Ribbon Dancer.

Saturday morning, the show went to the local homeless shelter to perform for the moms and kids. Sadly, there wasn't a great number in the audience, but like Miss A said, "they were performing for an audience in heaven and He showed up."  Plus, it was a great way to get the kinks worked out of the performance before the family and friends version. 

Sunday evening was the main performance for the parents and both girls were super excited. The show included dinner (which of course means that Mr C came along).  I think that Mr C went back for thirds.  I assume that was from all the hard work he'd put in that afternoon at our church service project day! Trimming trees and pulling weeds makes for a hungry boy!

The performance was perfect. Miss M really does a great job acting in front of a crowd and her Texas accent wasn't too bad either. Of course, her jokes were a little "cheeky," but I think that was the idea.  Miss A loved their ribbon dance and she just looked so happy twirling around on stage.  Really, is there anything better than seeing your kids shine in their element and glorify God with all their hearts?

The Dance teachers have been doing the summer musical for four years.  Each year, I am amazed at how professional and entertaining the show is, but even more so how it always draws you back to God and using your talents to bring Him glory.  What a gift and blessing this musical is to our girls and our community.

Miss A, of course, thinks now maybe she should add Dance back into her schedule (she says it every year after the performance), but we're concentrating on soccer and basketball this year.  Who knows maybe Miss M will get her sister to join her at the Studio soon.

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