Friday, August 5, 2011

Winding Down Our Laura Journey

Our afternoon at the Laura Ingalls Wilder Homestead wouldn't be complete if we didn't have some time with the ponies.  The girls loved their little ride on the buggy.  Miss A thought the pony was adorable.  Miss M too, at least until the baby pony decided to take a little nib on her back.

Miss M was bitten by the baby pony.  Who according to the staff is a little ornery.  Really?  Not only did the pony try to take some of M's skin, we saw it rolling around in Ma's garden and flower bed.  Bad pony!

At our final stop at the homestead, there was a replica of the wagon that Laura, Pa, Ma, Mary and Carrie would have traveled in around South Dakota.  Miss A and Miss M could hardly believe how small it was.  We told them that people would have traveled across the country in something similar filled with all their earthly possessions.  I think they were thankful our form of transportation was roomy, comfortable, and air conditioned (and that we brought a DVD system for movies)

I can't say enough about how much we enjoyed our visit to Laura's Little Town on the Prairie.  We had the best of both worlds; hand on experiences for us to do as a family and a chance to walk in history at the homes and homestead. 

We finished our day with a dip in the community pool and a picnic dinner at the city park!  Miss M even treated the family to ice cream at Dairy Queen using a birthday gift card .  A perfect way to top off our visit to De Smet.  When we laid our heads down that night back at the Heritage House, I think all of us dreamt about being a prairie pioneer.  Well, maybe P had a dream about college football or insurance!

Our trip was almost over, but we still had a fun things on our agenda.

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