Monday, August 29, 2011

Happy 50th Anniversary

My parents celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary on Friday.  It was truly a golden celebration. What a blessing to have such a wonderful example of love, marriage and commitment to watch all these years.  P and I consider it a honor that both sets of parents have been happily married for five decades.  It is a great accomplishment and testament to God's blessings.

It's amazing to think that just the "other day" my parents renewed their vows for their 25th anniversary and I walked down the aisle as my mother's attendant.  I was in college at the time and thought that 25 years was "forever."  At that time, I could hardly imagine being married and not to mention for that long,

In fact, I would walk down that same church aisle on the arm of my father for my own wedding just a few short years later and am now only seven years away from celebrating my own 25th Anniversary. (See honey I do now how long we've been married)

I understand why my Dad said he can hardly believe it's been 50 years and that in his mind he's only in his 60's thus meaning he would have married Mom in his teens!  Time really does fly by too quickly.

Friday night, we celebrated this wonderful milestone with a Family Dinner.  Miss M said it was the nicest restaurant she'd ever been to and probably her best meal ever.  Mr C enjoyed his filet and entertained his cousins with conversations about 401k's and Yacht prices.  Guess you've got to play the part.  Miss A of course was just thrilled to be surrounded by her favorite people, sitting by both cousins L and N, and chatting away.

After dinner and family pictures, we hung out at Nana and Papas and had Wedding Cake.  Sadly, it did not have buttercream frosting on top, but it looked beautiful.  Then of course, there was entertainment which mostly involved the kids doing crazy stunts and making us all smile.  Mr. C unknowingly has mastered the look of a blind man.  Wearing Nana's sunglasses, he strikingly looked the part, and of course being the comedian he is, he quickly grabbed a cup and asked for spare change.

Poor Miss A tried to duplicate the look with some crazy shades, but of course she's too cute and adorable to really pull it off.  Thankfully, cousin A who turned 17 this week, which is even more evidence that time flies, looked fresh in his new Oakley's and showed Mr C how to really look cool!

All in all it was a perfect evening. One of the benefits of surviving 50 years of marriage is getting to have these crazy moments with your children and grandchildren. At least that's what I hope to be reaping when Mr. P and I reach that milestone!

Congrats Mom and Dad on your Golden Anniversary. We love you A & F.

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