Saturday, August 20, 2011

We Survived the First Week of School

We made it through the first week of school and, all in all, we did pretty well.  Of course, the full impact of our fall activity schedule hasn't started yet so I'm sure there are some rough days ahead trying to figure out how to get people to the right place.  But we'll make it.

I could be all nostalgic on how I can't believe my first born child is a freshman in high school, but attending his first ever high school football scrimmage proves that it's the truth.  Not to mention the fact that in the last few days he's done  more homework than he did in the previous eight years of school combined.  He loves it and in so many ways our expectations have been exceeded with the choice of school.

At the opening Mass/Family Picnic last Sunday, I knew when we sang the Chris Tomlin song "You are the God of this City" that God has placed Mr C at this school for a reason!  I can really see him thriving in this environment academically, spiritually, and socially.  Plus, according to my husband, he's gotten a ton of muscle mass from football conditioning! 

Miss M is now in sixth grade and, while there are still a few kinks in her schedule that we need to fix, she is taking everything in stride.  The academic advisor really complemented her when he said that Miss M has a reputation of staying out of the muck of girl drama.  While she might dump on us at home (which is what she should do), she always has a positive attitude in the classroom.

Miss M is most excited that after a few years off of competitive dance she's joined the team again. She'll be dancing twice a week and is thrilled to get to go on a trip this spring to her favorite town of Chicago.  This girl just loves to dance and act.  We just love to watch her use her God given talents.

Miss A loves the first grade.  According to her, it's a lot like kindergarten. It is just a different teacher and schedule.  The biggest change is how they do lunch.  I'd explain what the change is, but I'm still not sure I understand.  She has some great friends in the class and has made a few new buddies as well.  We are thrilled that she has our favorite first grade teacher ever and the same one as C and M. 
The biggest complaint Miss A has about school thus far is that it interferes with her Barbie playing time.  Every morning, she plays Barbies for a little bit before school and then within minutes of eating her after school snack is back in her room busy with her imagination.  Last Wednesday, I walked into her room and saw a lineup of Barbies (and a few Ken and Skippers) all facing her Barbie Townhouse.  When I asked what was going on with the Barbies she explained it was a Drive In Movie Theater.  A double feature.  The next day, however, they were all gone and in their place was the Barbie Airplane, Convertible and Bicycle.  Guess they were off on a road trip.
First Week over and out.  Let the Fun Begin.
(* You'll notice I have pictures of C and M's first day of kindergarten too, Miss A's extra picture is of her first year in preschool; age 4.  I love how Mr. C looks almost the exact same in Kindergarten and then now freshman year of high school.)

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