Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Back to School With A Purpose:(In)Spired Deals

Mr C is just days away from the beginning of his freshman year of high school at an all boy Christian school.   While it does not seem possible that we are entering a new phase of life with a high schooler, what is even more amazing is the young man we are sending on this path.  A young man who is not ashamed of the gospel.

We are a public school family and, while it's been frustrating at times to have to "work" with the system to find ways to share our faith, its always been our goal as a family to be "salt and light" at our schools.  Mr C has been active in FCA, See You at the Pole and has never been one to hide his faith at school.  Let's be honest, this boy has worn a bright orange (think neon) T-Shirt with the words "Jesus Christ Saves Me"to school. 

When I was given a chance to try out Dayspring's newest line of Back to School notebooks, folders and binders I figured its something we'd end up giving away to friends.  We'd use it to witness to others, knowing it would not only be top notch stuff, but would have messages that would encourage others to seek Christ first.

However, when the Dayspring Box arrived, it was barely out of the box when Mr. C claimed it as his own.  He really wanted to use the binders and notebooks himself.  Not only did he love the design, black and red (his school's colors), the message really spoke to him.  "This Message is Illegal in 53 Countries"  because not only does he appreciate the fact that he lives in a country that he's allowed to live his faith out loud without fear, he loves the fact that after a decade of being in the public school system he now has the chance to impact a school that acknowledges God and shares his faith in Christ.

I love the fact that even though his mission field has changed, he's still wants to be a missionary.  Having these fabulous notebooks and binders will be the opening for him to talk to others about his faith.  Because you know what, even though he's going to a Christian school, doesn't mean everyone has a personal relationship with Jesus.  Going to a school that professes faith doesn't make you a Christian!

Thank you Dayspring for giving Mr C the tools he needs to go Back to School with a Purpose!  If you are looking for some fabulous "mission tools" for this coming school year look no further than
 (In)spired Deals.  Great Message. Great Quality. Great Price.  Fabulous all the way around!

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Full Disclosure:  For my review Dayspring sent me the "This Message is Illegal" back to school packet.  All opinions are my own and Mr C's.

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