Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Birthday Party Extravaganza

Miss A celebrated her seventh with a Crafting Party at the nearby Michaels' Craft Store.  It was a perfect way to have some fun without having to deal with the mess at home.  Miss A picked out a wooden jewelry box for the girls to paint and bedazzle along with a slap bracelet they could decorate.

Miss A has the nicest little girl friends.  They all get along so well, and while a couple of her friends couldn't make the party due to end of summer vacation plans, it was fun to see all the girls one more time before school starts.  Their biggest topic of conversation of course was who would be in whose class and how would 1st grade be different than kindergarten.  There was even talk of the dreaded homework.

I loved how the girls all used their artistic skills to create adorable little boxes.  They even got to be creative with decorating their cupcakes.  Lets just say there was a lot of frosting on top!

After we finished all our creative endeavors, Miss A opened her presents and then we headed home to for a little playtime and the pinata.  I'd love to show you some pictures from this part of the party, but that is a story in its own! Let's just say the girls had a great time, but poor Dad has a story to tell.

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