Thursday, August 25, 2011

Funny Things I've Hears Lately

The new school year, start of fall activities, and the lack of television watching has added to the crazy thing my children have been saying of late. While I try to encourage my kids to support, build up and encourage one another, they've gotten a few jabs at each other.  Often, they jab without even trying.

Mr C was talking about his freshman football team and how practice was going in the heat.  He mentioned that one player got hurt and is out for the season with a knee injury.  As a result, he's become the team manager.  Miss A in all sincerity spurted out the following: "too bad that wasn't you Mr. C, you'd love to be the team manager."  Ouch!

After a long day of practice (six hours-two a days they call, he calls it torture), Mr C said; "you know this is a lot of work for someone who just wanted to ride the bench, I'm actually getting pretty good at football."

Miss M was a little worried about the summer musical and if she'd remember to speak loud enough, hit her lines exactly, and tell her jokes without stumbling over the punch line.  Mr C with a straight face told her," I've never known you to have trouble talking and talking and talking..."  Gotta love brotherly love.

Miss A needed to change quickly into her soccer uniform after her musical performance on Saturday.  The locations were about as far apart as possible in our small town and we were rushing.  Miss M tells Miss A to strip in the car, just pull your pants down in the car seat, move your little tush around, and I'll get you going into your soccer clothes." No problem she says; I do this all the time." 

I'm hoping she was talking about getting out of dance clothes and not stripping in the car!

Miss A is loving first grade and leaves each day with a smile on her face, but she's missing home a little too.  Monday morning she told me, "I miss spending time with you when I'm at school all day; we had some great times together you and me.  I miss my Barbies too, but I miss you more."

Glad to know I rank above the Barbies.  I'm thinking its a close second however.

Finally, the best line of the week belongs to my husband.  On Sunday when our family was doing Step Out (a day of service to the community that a bunch of churches do), we were weeding a garden when Mr. C found a garter snake.  I screamed.  He then proceeded to chase me around the garden with the snake in his hand.  I ran faster thankfully.

I told my husband that I couldn't believe Mr. C would be so mean to his mother. P in all seriousness said, "Oh Jill it was just a snake!"  He had a big grin on his face. 

Really honey!

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