Friday, August 12, 2011

Off the Knitting Needles: Basketweave Blanket

I've finally finished my Basketweave Blanket.  I started knitting this blanket back in February and while I was making great progress this winter it became the project, I kept putting on the back burner. I made numerous washcloths for gifts, a baby blanket for Mikey, and a few other projects too.

Considering it was a project I was making for myself, I wasn't in a real rush.  I loved the yarn I used, the pattern is easy, and makes for a beautiful completed project.  I think this is a pattern I will use again and, while my own blanket is full of mistakes, I think it's something I could do mistake free for a gift. 

I finished the project by blocking.  It is the same exact process I used for the baby blanket.  Because there was a sizable border on the blanket, there wasn't much rolling on the sides, but I loved the soft finished feel of the blanket after it had been washed and laid flat.

I'm making progress in my knitting.  I still have a long way to go before I tackle those complicated patterns and multiple needles but I'm happy that now I have a "go to" pattern.  Who knows, maybe you'll be seeing a blanket in this pattern soon for a future wedding I'm invited to?

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