Thursday, April 7, 2011

Track Season Begins

A new season of Track has begun and Mr. C is once again donning a uniform and lacing up his sneakers. Running is not his favorite form of exercise, but he's planning ahead for the fall and wants to be in great condition. Already, he's shaved minutes off his time in the mile.

This year he's running the 800 which allows him to run at a normal pace and then sprint the last few meters. According to Mr. C, it's perfect for a slow guy like him. I love his self deprecating humor.

I'll admit it I'm not a huge fan of track meets. They do not seem very organized. In fact, they seemed like chaos to me. You don't know what event is happening, there is no schedule so you don't know when your child's race will be and it's crazy loud. Today, the girls and I waited for almost two hours before we saw Mr. C's only event. Thankfully, it was a great afternoon in the sunshine.

I loved watching C giving it his best. While he might have mocked running the 800, he did it with gusto. The last 100 meters, when he was pulling in the rear of the pack, he gunned it. He went for it with full speed and passed two runners in the process. For a guy who doesn't like to run and who wanted to quit track again this year after missing practice last week with allergies, he did it. He gave it his best and crossed the finish line with a smile on his face. He told me the last few meters ,he didn't even feel his legs anymore.

Track meets might not be my "thing," but I'll go any day to watch my son give it his best. Too bad Charlie Sheen ruined the phrase Winning, because I think today C proved that "winning" comes in lots of different ways!

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Bretsen said...

Hope you come to love track meets-I know I loved it when Libby was running in junior high.