Saturday, April 9, 2011

Funny Things I've Heard This Past Week

Mr C is our own little Yogi Berra. He's either stating things that are overtly obvious or he's mixing up his slogans and phrases in Malaprop form. Last week Mr. C told my husband "don't kick a blind horse in the face". Next thing you know, he'll be telling us a "Nickle ain't worth a dime anymore!"

After track practice last week, I asked Mr. C what was he working on. His response "running, you know putting one foot in front of the other and racing to the finish line." Really, and here I thought they would have been working on diving techniques!

Miss A has been attending a number of birthday parties for her little kindergarten friends. It's so fun to watch them greet each other with big hugs, laughs and squeals. According to P, the little girls even tried to hug on of the boys as he was leaving a party last week. He rushed out the door.

I told Miss A that I would be signing her out of school one day so we could catch C's track meet. His meet started about 1/2 an hour before elementary school would get out for the day. Miss A got all teary eyed and said "no way, I've missed too much school you can't sign me out." When I told her that it would only be for about 20 minutes she said, "I can't miss that time, it's the best time of the day, center time" Let's remember, it's Kindergarten. While she missed a few days for illness, I've not pulled her out for unnecessary reasons. But she stood her ground and refused. Somehow I think that if I'd offered the same out to the junior highers in my house, the answer would be drastically different.

Finally, Miss M is working on a paper for social studies on the Revolutionary War. She needed to put together an analogy comparing the British with the Colonists. M came up with idea of a peanut butter sandwich with the Brits as the bread and the colonists as peanut butter. The analogy was long and drawn out about dry bread, gooey peanut butter and the deeper it got the more confused I became. We finally scrapped the idea and started over after much laughter.

I love hearing these funny little thoughts and phrases come out my children's lips. They keep me on my toes and make me laugh. Can't get better than that.

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Bretsen said...

I do so love keeping up with my nieces and nephew on your blog-they are too funny! Give them hugs for me!