Thursday, April 28, 2011

Honors Abound

Yesterday was a day of honors and accolades for Mr. C. First, he was pulled out of class early in the morning for a surprise celebration honoring all the eight graders who had maintained a 4.0 GPA for the entire year.

I wish I could say he gets his brilliance from me, but I only had a 4.0 one semester of my life and that was in college! My husband claims he never had a 4.0 but I'm thinking that might be a lie or due to the fact that he was a finance major and took super hard classes.

Of course, Mr. C was most trilled that not only did he get to miss class for the celebration, they also had yummy snacks. Gotta love how food motivates this child.

Following this ceremony, we joined Nana and Papa at the Rotary 8th Grade Honor Roll luncheon at a downtown hotel. C's teachers recommended him for this award based on the criteria of leadership, character, scholarship and presence. What a huge honor. It was amazing to be among almost 400 young leaders, what a testimony to the future of this country. Each speaker challenged those in attendance to live up to the gifts and blessings they had been given and share their gifts with their community and country.

Then it was back to the school for an ice cream cake reception for all the Rotary scholars. Their counselor had made a banner for them with all their names and listed of some of their accomplishments and community service projects from the past few years.

It was an exhausting yet exciting day for Mr. C and our family. C was honored for the type of young man he is both inside and outside of the classroom. We could not be prouder.

Our hope is that as Mr C will always use his God given talents and gifts to serve others and advance the cause of Christ in our community.

Great Job Mr. C !!

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