Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

It was a glorious Easter. A celebration of great joy at the gift of the Resurrection.

Following a wonderful Easter Service, we had a chilly, but fun egg hunt in the yard. Thankfully, the "Bunny" waited until we were gone at Church to lay the eggs.

The girls looked adorable in their Easter dresses, even if Miss A thought wearing a white sweater was torture. Guess she wasn't' effected by the temps in the 40's. Yes, it is Spring in the Midwest.

Mr. C looked smashing in his dress pants, shirt and tie. I loved watching father teach son how to make a double Windsor knot. Good thing he has until October before he needs to wear one everyday for school. When did he become such a handsome young man!

We enjoyed a fabulous lunch with the "family" and even attempted to recreate a picture from 10 years ago when some of the participants were much smaller and younger and a few joined the picture for the first time. Miss A and Miss M so adore their cousins and are thrilled with any time with Miss N and Miss L.

It was a wonderful Easter!


Ann said...

Gorgeous family! They are all grtting so grown up.

Ann said...

Gorgeous family! They are all getting so grown up.