Friday, April 8, 2011

Just in case you wondered: The Family Room Fabric Squares

We are still in process with our Family Room update. Unless you ask my husband. He will say that the two toned (old and new paint colors) on the wall behind the media center look fabulous. I say he's afraid to move the flat screen! We'll see who is right.

We have purchased and made a few new decorations for the walls and bookcase that I'm mighty proud to show you. The fabric squares are from IKEA, the frames at least. We purchased the wooden framing units and then bought fabric to wrap around the frames. I love what a unique piece of art this is and, because of how they are laid out, we can switch them around or take them down during the Christmas season and put up new ones. Glad I have a husband who is good at measuring and cutting because it takes some patience to get stripes going the right way!

I made the yarn balls in the basket. Using some leftover yarn, I just covered up some foam balls and added a few balls I had from Target. Of course, Miss A thinks she might practice some juggling with the balls too!

In the Kitchen, we have a chalkboard wall we framed out with a black frame found on clearance at Hobby Lobby. It will be perfect for writing notes or menu plans. The Salsa picture in the kitchen captures our love of homemade salsa, Ole!

We love the new drapes in the kitchen too, the color is perfect. The fact that my in laws are expert drapery hangers really came in handy. Love that I can close them up to hide all the fingerprints on the glass doors to the deck! Guess I could just wash them. Nah!

While there are still a few things I've love to do with our family and kitchen (granite counter tops, new flooring), the new color and art is perfect for right now. It's fresh, fun and soothing. I promise pictures once the whole thing is done. Think summer.

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Ann said...

I love your new background!