Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Eagle Scout Project Begins

Mr. C has started his Eagle Scout Project. After some behind the scenes work and meeting with the Principal and Playground Equipment Company, the final plans are now in place. Mr. C will be working to upgrade the primary playground at our Elementary School. Monday night, he received final approval from the PTA and a large percentage of the funding for the project.

Mr. C created an impressive Power Point presentation for the PTA and, with their support, he will be tearing out a set of rubber tires and a zip line and replacing them with a climbing wall and the wiggle walk play set. Miss A is so excited. This is her playground and she's pumped to think that next fall she'll be able to say that her brother put in the new playground.

Needless to say our summer has just gotten a little bit busier. Mr. C will be organizing this project for installation this summer so it is completed before he heads off to high school and the kids return for the fall. If you happen to have construction experience, expect a call from us!

It's hard to believe that it was just a few years ago that this young man was a Tiger Cub Scout wearing a bright orange t-shirt and earning belt loops. Today, he's already a Life Scout and has over 30 merit badges and is only one badge short of earning his Eagle. With this Eagle Scout project now in place, he should be able to complete all the requirements for this honor next year.

Mr C has already learned some life lessons in getting this project off the ground floor and I'm sure there will be lots of lessons learned along the way to final completion. He'll gain so much from this experience and I'm sure the man he will become will be forever molded by this project.

Now, we just need to figure out to move around TONS of pea gravel, remove a huge play structure, and dispose of decomposing rubber tires. In addition, he has to arrange for large construction/equipment pieces to make this job easier and the funds needed to accomplish all the destruction/assembly. Of key importance to C, we will also need to figure out how to feed the workers and a big sandwich from Blimpie's and Nana' Chocolate Chip cookies are already on his list of ideas.

I know this is just another step on the road to manhood, but looking back it's hard to believe that my cute little Cub Scout is just a distance memory and my new Eagle Scout is becoming a reality. Time Flies!

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