Saturday, April 16, 2011

Catching Up is it even possible

I've been playing catch up this week. Trying to get things back in order after a few weeks of hectic. Our church was a host site for Vicki Courtney's "You and Your Girl" simulcast last Saturday and I was one of the chairs for the event. It was a really convicting and encouraging event, but one that deserves its own post.

Add to the chaos was the fact that my husband was traveling for five days last week, and our spring busy season is upon us. I was behind in everything. Thankfully, a week of "normal" means that I've come out from under the mess of closet switching (winter to summer) and caught up with chores. In fact, I now have a list of things I want to accomplish before the kids get out of school for summer. According to Miss A, there are only 20 something or more, maybe less. I just know it's right around the corner or, in other words, too soon!

To hold myself accountable, I'm going to go ahead and list my plans for the next few weeks. My own little challenge is to be a be busy little momma before her chicks come back home. Granted a few of these things will require a little help to accomplish, but for the most part I can do them all. I just need to remind myself that I can't do them all in a week as I'll still have my real life jobs to get done. You know like laundry, making meals, car pooling, sports games to attend, and VBS registrations to work on.

Geez, I hope I can fit these in....

Main Floor:

Kitchen Stools and Table painted black.
Finish painting Family Room
Paint Hallway and Bathroom
Hang Miss A's Self Portrait
Dining Room Hutch (clean out cabinet, lots of junk inside)
Main Computer Backed Up;
Photos sent to two outside backups Laptop Backed Up:
Photos sent to Walgreen's


Recycle all those big cardboard boxes from electronics
Go through All of Miss M's old clothes, save only the best for Miss A
Go through sports equipment/shoes giveaway wrong sport/size
Kids Space decorations: look for artwork, create artwork etc


Bonus Room: go through boxes, books, giveaway/trash/keep Kid's closets:
reduce, reorganize and sort Scrapbook:

MUST GET CAUGHT UP in my scrapbook world its still 2008!

Wow! I pray that I accomplish these tasks. Please Lord give me super strength, wisdom and discernment. I want to have a fun summer with the kids and these steps will make that possible.

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