Monday, December 28, 2009

Taking Down Christmas...

I talked my husband into taking down the Christmas stuff yesterday. We have plans for New Years Eve and New Years Day and I just couldn't imagine taking it all down next weekend...or maybe I couldn't stand the thought of having it all up any longer.

Christmas is over right? We've spent nearly 5 days trapped in this house due to the "Holiday (we say Christmas) Blizzard of 2009" and I was sick of looking at our tree, stockings, and various little doo dads. I'm not really an accessory person. I'm kinda of minimalist and having all the extra trimmings in our house gets to me after awhile.

I love the weeks leading up to Christmas sitting by the tree with all the lights off save those on the branches. I love to look at the stockings my great aunt loving needlepointed and think of the all the hours of work and all the hours of fun getting just the right gifts to go inside. I love to see all the presents under the tree and imagine the look of joy and excitement on the recipient's face. I even love all the little things that come into our house each Christmas season such as new ornaments, new little chocolate treats from friends, and the fun cards and pictures from afar.

But now, days after Christmas, it loses it's luster. It starts to look like clutter to me.

I'm sorta ashamed to admit it, but I can't stand all the Christmas glitz and glitter days or weeks after the fact. Some may think that it's kinda Ba Humbug of me I guess. Instead, I think it speaks volumes of what I think about Christmas. I love it! The real Christmas. The Birth of Christ and the promise that the tiny baby in the manger means to me and my family. Grace and Peace and Eternal Life.

There was no glitz or glamor for the baby in the manger. It's just the real thing. God Among Us.

At the center of Christmas tree right next to the branches is a big steel Christmas nail hanging from a red velvet ribbon. It's there among the branches to remind me that the meaning of Christmas really points to the Cross. Without the Cross and the Nails that hung Jesus there, it would all be meaningless. Sure it would still be a wonderful story about a baby born in a manger 2000 years ago, but without the cross that's all it would be.

Maybe the reason deep down that I want to get rid of the remnants of Christmas and the decorations is that it takes my focus away from the Cross and the Savior and my need for His grace, forgiveness and peace. It makes it seem like the glamour is all that there is. It makes it seem like if I get all "dolled" up on the outside, if my house looks Martha Stewart perfect with all the "right" decorations," I'm worth it. I have it all together. I really don't need a tiny baby to save me from my sins. I can do it all on my own. I know, though, that this is not true. Reality is much different.

Really it's so much more. The Real Christmas lives right in my heart. I can have Christ Among Me every day. No fancy dress or perfect fir wreath needed. Maybe that's why once Christmas is over I don't need those trappings any more.

Oh, and I don't like clutter either.

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