Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Blizzard 2009 Doesnt' Stop the Celebrating

T'was the day after Christmas and all through the house....
Wow! Yippee! We can't believe we got a Wii!

There was jumping and jabbing and swinging of arms as the Wii Games were played in full force.. a certain Nana smoked Miss M in Bowling and Miss A is quite good at the Boxing with Brother, but Mom has yet to jump on the Wii bandwagon fearful that she'll have to create a Mi and decide on a hair color.

Miss A in her "boxing" mode. We've almost lost the TV twice! Let's just say she breaks a sweat and if not careful could break the tv, stand and much more.

Due to the snowdrift outside of our house and the lack of plans for Christmas Day, we spent the entire morning opening presents slowly and breaking for a Pecan Roll Breakfast and Fresh Hot Coffee. Peaceful were words not normally associated with the "unwrapping" of gifts, but 2009 gave us a new outlook on the whole process.

This is our back deck.
We had time to ogle over the Norwegian Sweater Miss M got from Bestemor and Bestefar while Miss A got to set up her Dora Tent in the Family Room and, Mr. C flew his new remote control helicopter all over the house. There was time for "playing with the gifts" and learning about our new "toy" the Wii. Mom had time to check out the Pioneer's Women's Cookbook and earmark recipes to try this winter. Dad enjoyed the fact that no longer are there 1000 piece Lego's to work on or castles and dollhouses to erect.

M's Norwegian Sweater...Adorable Miss M and Miss A in the Dora Tent...where they spent most of the day in their pj's.

Granted the "new clothes" the children scored means more laundry for the mother, but everyone was thrilled with their new "loves" from Nana including the adorable Girl Scout Quilt with genuine GS fabric. Now Miss M can sleep with Thin Mints!!

C's New Bedspread M's New Girl Scout Blanket C models his UnderArmour

Our plans delayed for a Christmas Day Dinner with Nana and Papa created a chance to break out the Steaks and Sweet Potato Fries last night. Who knew some traditions are OK to change?

We watched movies and played board games. We've seen some College Football Games and made new memories. The boys have moved 14 inches of snow from the driveway to the the yard and since we've only seen one plow in 3 days we are praying that tomorrow we'll actually be able to see the world outside our own home by going to church.

Making Cookies for Santa A's new Guess Who Extra Game with Animal Faces Too

When Nana and Papa came over today for lunch between storm cells, we enjoyed our traditional Christmas dinner on the 26th and realized that the Christmas spirit lives on. Even during the Christmas (Holiday) Blizzard 09 as the Weather Channel sort of calls it. They are much more politically correct than I.

As Mr. C said yesterday, this could be our best Christmas ever. It was fun, we were able to see family, Christmas Eve worship of the Newborn King and time to relax together as a family.
Now let's just hope we are not expected to find places to fit in more snow on our streets or driveways anytime soon. I'm not sure we can find the room.

Dad and C getting the driveway ready for Visitors. Where will we put all this snow? It could be spring before we see our grass again.

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