Thursday, December 3, 2009

Funny Things I've Heard and Seen Lately

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of the season, I wanted to remember a few of the funny moments that caused me to stop and pause....

1. A house in our neighborhood goes "hog wild" over holiday decorations. Literally, very holiday from Halloween to Easter to St. Patrick's Day their house is decorated. This is especially true at Christmas. Our family, in fact, calls this house the "Crazy About Christmas (CAc)" House. True to form, this year they have up hundreds of decorations including lights, blow ups, and hanging ornaments from trees. Lots of things on the roof, hanging from the fence posts. Do you get the picture.?

Across the street from this "Crazy About Christmas House" this year is a new display. A green tarp with these words in Bright Lights: DITTO with an arrow pointing at the CAC house. Priceless.

2. My husband and youngest daughter had lunch the other day at the Mall and then walked around a little getting Christmas Ideas. After walking by a Kiosk selling "Dead Sea Lotions" and being asked repeatedly if my husband would like to buy some for the lady in his life; Miss A looked at her dad and said, "what's his deal?"

3. At family advent devotions this week, the was talk about the Jesse Tree's ornament depicting lots of stars. The verse that matched it was about Abraham and God's promise about his descendants. Miss M was quick to remember the bible story, but the next day as we reviewed the previous days she went through her list of Bible Men trying to remember Abraham's name; Noah, Adam, Jonah, Moses...finally she gave up and so you know the one!

4. Nana is having her annual tea parties with the granddaughters and their friends in the coming weeks. Miss A's is a Christmas Tea over lunch on Monday and Miss M's is an after school Tea Party. Big brother C volunteered to come serve as host and pass out treats etc. Nana was quick to realize the motive was for the food. C smiled and said that's true. Last year, I got food and didn't have to work so forget the offer, I'll just take the food!

5. Decorating the Christmas Tree this year was rather comical. Let's just say after 16 years it's time to replace our artificial 9 foot tree. It's not what you would call level and in all reality the branches are starting to turn brown, just like a real dying tree. Didn't know that happened with artificial trees! Hubs maneuvered, fangled and worked hard to get the tree standing up right and level at the same time.

C suggested maybe we should just go out and get a new one right away, but being ever practical, my husband quickly said "no way, I just invested hours getting this one up and lit so it's staying for the season! We are keeping it and waiting for N After Christmas sale to get a new one."

6. Miss A has a tendency to think quicker than she speaks and will often have words mixed up. For instance, as we lay down for good night prayers, she will say "down I lay me" instead of of "now I lay me." Lately, I've also noticed the phrase "that's for good" when she means that something bad is really alright. Not such a bad way to look at it really.

Amazingly both are starting to eek out of my mouth, too.

This family...they really keep me laughing.

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