Saturday, December 19, 2009

Blessed To Be Busy

All Dressed Up for the Church's Christmas Pageant

in front of the Beautiful Christmas Tree on the Altar

It's been a fun but busy week around these parts, add the last week of school into the mix and it's been done right crazy busy.
We've had a Band Concert with C in which we got to listen to the Jazz Band for the first time. They played Michael Jackson's "Thriller" and rocked the house. Mr. Trombone is getting better every year and his cheeks puffed out just a little bit less every concert. They no longer look like they might burst! I'm so proud of what a great musician he's becoming.
Miss M had a Christmas Dance Recital in which she made her debut performance with her old studio. Let's just say it's nice to back to a studio where "dance" is the focus and I didn't get embarrassed watching anyone "shake" on stage. The music and costumes were adorable and, in our Politically Correct culture, it's nice to go to a Dance Recital at Christmas time and hear Christmas Music. Yeah!! M also sang her heart out at the Christmas Program at Church and is anxious for next year when she'll get a speaking role and really "act."
Miss A had two big performances this week. First was her performance at the Church's Children's Pageant and then yesterday came her Preschool Christmas Program. She looked so adorable in her little red velvet dress with white fur collar and, of course, she had to wear her "sparkly shoes" as it was a "fancy time." She's overcoming her shyness a little bit and we are getting to see a little of her everyday sparkle on stage. Of course, her favorite part of both performances was the "snacks" afterwards.

Yeah for mothers and grandmother's who make Christmas Cookies. This mother does not and she's grateful her kids get to nibble on Holiday Cookie Creations without making them herself.

C and A all ready for customers to the Red Kettle; M and Uncle C and Cousin N manning the 2nd Bell at the other door. C was the only brave enough to wear the Red Apron that Announced "I'm a Bell Ringer" . Nana and Papa even brought some huge Bells with them so the noise outside was loud!

Finally. last night was our annual Bell Ringing time for the Salvation Army. Every year we sign up the family for a three hour shift ringing bells outside our favorite Grocery Store. The kids bundle up and we take turns standing outside singing "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" and sending people inside to eat in the Grocery Store's restaurant.
Last night, we had the "whole family" aunt and uncle, cousin N and Nana and Papa. It was crisp and windy, but in the upper 20's so, while we were far from toasty, we were able to keep our spirits up and spread a little Christmas Cheer with only red noses and frozen toes. On the way home, M said that "was fun and I feel like we really did something for someone else." That's really our goal. Teaching our kids that it's fun to "give."
Next on our list is making Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Rolls to give to neighbors and friends. It makes enough pans that we'll have some stored up for the next few weeks, too! Kinda like giving and receiving all at once.

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