Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Scrapbooking Once Again

For years, I thought it would be fun to take some friends out to the Lake for a weekend and Scrapbook. Last weekend, four friends and I went to the lake and had a great time creating pages, organizing pictures, and getting baby photos in books. 

Friday afternoon, P and I went out to get the house ready for the weekend, dropped off the food and scrapbooking supplies, and walked through the process of making it ready for a group of women.  In other words, P showed me how to turn on the water and turn up the heat!

Later that evening when all the women were busy creating and crafting, I knew that this long awaited dream was well worth the effort involved.  Not only was I scrapbooking again and really enjoying making my way through 2008 and 2009 pictures and events, I loved that these ladies were getting a chance to get away from all of it for awhile too.  Sometimes Moms just need a break and I'm grateful that our husbands (and P especially) were willing to pick up the slack while we were gone.

I don't think I've ever scrapbooked until 3 a.m. before in my life, and while I might have missed out on some sleep, the results were well worth it all.  We laughed, visited, watched movies, and I made my way through almost 480 photos and got them all in order of "events."  I might have cried a little over the "months that vanished" in our old computer crash, but I quickly realized that these missing events would make 2009 go much quicker!

Saturday was filled with even more fun, progress on pictures, and great conversations. I'm thinking that had we more time, we could have solved a number of the world's problems.  Instead, we just set a summer camping trip with brownies and daisy girl scouts, talked through great places to go on vacations, and discussed our favorite movies.

In fact, I think I need to go rent "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" soon; either that or spray some Windex!

By early Sunday morning, it was time to go back to reality and while I was exhausted from all the fun, I was glad that when I returned there were hugs from little girls, cleaned carpets thanks to my husband, and a basketball game to attend.

Now, I just have over 30 spreads that need some journaling and a few more months of 2009 to scrapbook and then I'll only be two years behind.  I know a few moms who are hoping this could become a monthly or quarterly event.  I just need to talk P into the deal!!

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