Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Adventures with Rose

Miss A and I use to have so much fun running errands together when she was a "little girl" at home with me.  We'd run to the grocery store or Target and sing songs in the car, make up funny games to play in the store, and of course the customary trip to the "cafe" for pizza or a pretzel.  We lived it up.  As the youngest, she benefited from having mom all to herself, and a mother who knew these days were numbered.

There are still days off that we get to do fun things and run errands together which we cherish. We miss each other.  This week, at Miss A's request, I got the privilege of taking Rose with me on my errands. She wanted Rose to experience some adventures while she was at school so Miss A begged me to take Rose along for the day.

We had a grand time.  I had promised Miss A that I would take some pictures of Rose while we were out and about.  When A returned home from school yesterday, she was thrilled with the "evidence" I produced.  Her only complaint: its does not appear that Miss Rose had a pretzel with me at Target.  I guess I'm out of practice and I forgot all about the pretzel.  Plus, I was on my way to the gym so I didn't want Rose to get a tummy ache from eating right before exercise.

Rose and I had a grand time at Michael's Craft store.  They were having their dollar sale so we stocked up on paint and paint brushes for craft time.  Of course, Rose choose some colors that I thought were hideous, but I gave into her demands.  At Target, we had to return an item, which of course meant a long line and then we went in search of a Tea Strainer for the new Kettle.  No luck.  We even asked the Starbucks guy and he just looked at us weirdly. Whatever.

I allowed Rose to sit in the front seat next to me, but I buckled her in and turned off the air bag.  We sang along to the Disney Channel on FX and then a little David Crowder Band too.  She has a nice voice, much better than my own.

At the gym, Rose looked lovingly at the Tennis Courts hoping that we could play a few sets.  Thankfully, they had snow on them because it was only 10 degrees outside and I'm not that nice of a person to play in those conditions.  Rose sat by the Track and watched me do my workout.  I waved at her from the elliptical machine, but she was still pouting and would not speak to me. After I did my "arm routine" on the weights, she demanded that I carry her to the car saying something about not having the will to walk to the car in 30 mile an hour winds.  Wimp!

I thought maybe Rose would help me with the vacuuming and laundry once we got home, but she was more interested in watching some DVR'd Biggest Loser episode.  Guess the trip to the gym got her motivated. 

All in all, Rose and I had a fabulous day; and it was fun to again have a buddy tag along on my day.  I'll admit however that I think Miss A, Miss M and even Mr C (on a day that he's willing to tag along with dear old mom) are a lot more fun!

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patti@blessedfamily said...

How Cute!!! What a good mom you are!!