Friday, January 6, 2012

New Years' Eve at the Lake

New Year's Eve was never one of my favorite holidays.  That is until the past three years when our family has spent the New Year's celebrating at the lake with some good friends.  In years past, we'd have a quiet family "celebration" with fake champagne and an early ball drop.  Oh how I love our new tradition of hanging with the H family while spending a few nights away from everything  playing games, relaxing, refocusing, and having fun.

With this year's unseasonably warm weather, we were able to play Football outside on New Year's Day!  Really.  We were wearing light coats and gloves and hats.  Mr C was beyond thrilled as it had been his hope that we could arrange a game between the two families.  He was even dreaming up plays in his head. Little did he realize that Miss A, Miss M and his mother had no idea what he was talking about when he shouted out plays.  Not a clue.

Miss A did however like hiking the ball.  Miss M like the huddle the best and well I can say that I'm pretty good at kickoff and throwing. Blocking, running and making it to the goal were rather hard.  The look on Mr C's face, however, was priceless and worth any amount of shame I felt for my inability to play football with the "guys." 

Our New Year's Eve dinner was scrumptious.  We pulled out the fondue pots that have been gathering dust and had steak in red wine; cheese with bread and veggies, and for desert, the best chocolate fondue ever with angel food cake and fruit.  It was messy, yummy and perfect for a celebration.  I'm thinking we won't be waiting a whole year to make fondue again.

The only incident of the weekend was when I sclied a part of my thumb off chopping onions for the fondue on NYE.  In hindsight, I should have gone to the ER, but didn't want to miss the party.  I'm glad I could take one for the "Team" however and have yet another "blood incident" on a holiday.  Thankfully, it's healing nice and while I'll never be a hand model again with the big gash missing it was worth it to have a great evening and steer clear of the crazy people at the Emergency Room on New Year's Eve.  Can't even imagine!

New Year's Eve at the Lake was perfect start to the New Year..  We had a fabulous time!  Happy 2012

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