Monday, January 23, 2012

Funny Things I've Seen Or Heard Lately

I'll readily admit that these "funny things" posts are totally just for me so that years from now I can remember these days!  Thus, I'm listing them in no order whatsoever...

1.   Miss A had been disappointed the first day back to school after break.  She thought her brother (who did not have school yet) was going to come and have lunch with her and see his old 1st grade teacher-now her teacher.  It was a big misunderstanding, but she was crushed when he didn't show up!  Bad mom moment too.  To make up for this indiscretion, I promised to come up that Friday for lunch and bring homemade mac and cheese from home! 

She agreed.  That Friday was crazy busy for me and I tried to cram too much into a short period of time and arrived with just seconds to spare before "lunch," but with the promised mac and cheese.  I was thrilled with myself for making it; her response "I didn't think you were going to show!"  Really.  We had a fun lunch in which I opened five milks, two puddings and prompted two friends to wipe their face to catch the messy gunk falling off of it.  We laughed and talked and I really enjoyed myself.  Miss A said it was her best lunch ever.

It was then time for "us" to go out to recess and I asked Miss A if she wanted me to go (I've always gone in the past) and she said and I quote " No, I'm done with you, you can go now.!" I think I was dismissed.

2.  Last week Miss A was home from school on Thursday and Friday suffering from a bad cold.  We watched some Little House on the Prairie shows and played some games and read books.  By late afternoon on Friday, she was back to normal so we did our "regular" weekend plan.  Monday morning as she was getting dressed for school she knocked on my door and said she needed to talk to me.  She was worried if people heard what she did over the weekend they would think she was cheating.  "If I tell people that I got a manicure on Saturday, they might think I was faking being sick." 

Really is this a normal thing for a first grader to worry about?  She had already told me on Thursday when she woke up sick that she wished it was a weekend since she hated to miss school. Miss A was worried she might fall behind.

Thankfully, Miss A was able to return to school on Monday and no one questioned her character.  When Miss M heard this story, she said that at her school some people take a "mental health day" and skip out to do fun things or just sleep in.  Mr C, of course, quickly pointed out that Jr High and elementary school are so easy there is no stress and no reason to need time off. High School, on the other hand, is challenging, stressful and that chilling out on the weekend is a requirement to get through the rigors of the daily grind.

I'm thinking that a mental health day is when all my kids are in school for an entire week!  Oh, and if the mother gets a weekend away to scrapbook with friends, that's as good as a Caribbean Vacation. Just don't tell my husband that when I'm gone next weekend, I've convinced him its all work and stress getting our family scrapbooks back on track!

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