Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Celebrating MLK Day in True Girl Style

Poor Mr C did not have MLK day off from school.  In his mind, he was among maybe two others in the whole country that had to get up early and go to school on this national holiday.  He was threatening to hold a "sit in " to protest this injustice, but we convinced him that was just asking for demerits.  He did, however, tell his Freshman Dean that the school day was infringing on his ability to "celebrate" the holiday in true style.  The Dean said he has all evening to make up for it! Gotta love private school deans; they don't hold back the truth.

Thankfully for Miss A and Miss M, their schools are more politically correct and they had a day off to do as they pleased.  After a make up piano lesson, we headed to mall to "finally" spend some Christmas cash and gift cards.  You would have thought that Christmas was months ago with the mold they thought was growing on their cash!!

Mom pulled a big surprise and took the girls to Applebees first for lunch. We needed our energy for shopping.  Miss A had gotten a gift certificate from school for completing her Addition Math Tests and she was thrilled to use it for some great Chicken Nuggets!

After much discussion, it was decided that we would go to Justice, Claire's and Build a Bear to check out the sales, look for fun new things to buy, and of course try on a few things. Miss A found the "A" Blanket she'd always wanted and fancy new pink purse that is oh so styling.  Miss M choose a fun frilly shirt and tank top that will be perfect to add a little sparkle to a dull winter day and I was able once again to avoid getting out of Justice without taking out a loan. 

 Miss A really wanted to buy a new "stuffie" and told me that she loves to go to Build A Bear.  It's her favorite thing ever!  In her ideal world, we would go a few times each year to add to her collection and give her new animals to play with online at Bearville.

Miss M, having already spent a little of her money at Forever 21, was also interested in going to BAB for a new animal.  When I suggested something a little "older," she told me that "you know you are only a little girl for so long, I might as well enjoy it while I can."  Preach it sister is what I wanted to scream!

Miss A choose an adorable Pink Kitten with a Heart Eye that she wanted to name Hearty, but we helped her pick out "Rose" in honor of Rosa Parks (or maybe the rosy color, but it was MLK day so work with me) and Miss M choose the softest puppy ever and named him Biscuit.  No cleaver marketing tool with that name, sorry.

There was of course some new clothing for the animals too!  You don't want a naked Dog or Cat running around do you?   By the time we left the mall a few hours later, I was glad that I had ordered an extra Ice Tea at lunch as I needed the caffeine to keep me going.

It was a fabulous day off from reality and fun afternoon of doing "girl things" with A and M.  At dinner, Mr C was quick to point out that he has the day after the Super Bowl off from school, meaning he can cheer until the wee hours without fear of being too tired the next day. I'm not thinking Mr C and I will be doing a mall trip on his day off, but you never know!

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