Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Feet, Fiats and Family Pizza Night

We had a fabulous Saturday and, while the girls and the boys spent most of Saturday split due to different activities, we had the chance to reconnect over a great pizza dinner that night.  Our Korean son joined us for the weekend so the boys could go to the Auto Show.  P and C have gone sporadically to Show since C was a little boy carrying around matchbox cars.  Jin had hinted at Thanksgiving that he'd really like to go so the boys made the sacrifice. 

Jin and C are convinced that they should purchase a Fiat once they turn 16.  In fact, C has already picked out his favorite color and "Coach" style interior.  He's still debating between the hardtop and the convertible version, but knows that a Fiat would be a perfect stylish car.

P might have loved the Fiats too, but is dreaming instead of a new Honda CRZ which is a super cool two seater.  I'm not sure how we would fit our family of five inside, but he'd sure look cool scooting around town in this car!  Guess that means Momma won't be getting rid of her mini van anytime soon! Yeah.

While the boys were busy at the Auto Show, the girls were busy getting Pedicures.  At least the younger girls.  I'm not convinced I'd like someone touching my feet.  I will say that these girls are all for pampering.  I got the biggest kick out of watching Miss A's face during the experience. She loved every minute and between the massage chair and the water bath for her feet, she was giggling and laughing the entire time.

Miss M, since it was here second ever salon pedicure, controlled her giggles a little more, but still had a few all over body laughs.  The nice nail tech was even smiling watching their little faces soaking up the fun and she offered me a little time in the message chair saying that a busy mom "needs a little pampering."  Hard to argue with that logic.

I told my husband that the big smiles on the girls faces and the joy they had in showing off their toes to any and all over the next few days was well worth the price.  The fact that little girl pedicures are half price as the moms helped too!

That night when the two "groups" got together to enjoy a little pizza at a family owned Pizzeria, we were all exhausted from a full, but fun day.  I love Saturdays.

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