Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Gotta Love First Days

It was another "first day" around here. Sure, we've had plenty of first days of school, sports teams, staying home alone, confirmation, new ballet classes etc. We've got plenty more first days ahead such as driving, dating, and college. Dating will of course come after college! Each of these days is special as it represents a new challenge, a new experience, and another step in the process of growing up.

Today was A's first day of Preschool. Her Redshirt Preschool Year. She was psyched. She was ready. We got the new school shoes yesterday and forgoing all previous years, I allowed her to wear them yesterday! Third child, what can I say, I'm slipping.

We picked out the cute dress that perfectly matched the tennis shoes, had the backpack all ready, and I'd made the "poster" for picture time.

Dad was even going into the office late today so that he could be part of the first day drop off. M even got to ride to school first with Dad which is a rarity that got him a huge hug this morning. We were so ahead of our game this morning that we arrived at preschool about 15 minutes early!

By the time it was time to say goodbye, A pretty much left us in the dust. She walked in all confident and happy, found her "spot" on the circle rug, and away we went. I did slip back in to get a picture and say goodbye, but I'm thinking the phrase on her mind was "don't let the door hit you on the way out".

When I picked her up at the end of class and asked how it went, she was bubbly, thrilled and so talkative about all that had gone on. They said the "Pledge," you know the one with the flag, talked about the weather, played outside on the cool playground, practiced cutting with scissors, made a bag for show and tell on Friday, and had a snack.

She made friends with two girls that are twins. She knows their names and thinks that maybe they might have the same birthday! Imagine that, twins born on the same day.

You Gotta Love First Days, So Much Fun!!

Then as an added bonus tonight, she played her new favorite game in the backyard. She plays "catch" with the Frisbee. She acts like a dog and crawls after the Frisbee and brings it back between her teeth. She even wants to be called, "Pumpkin" when she's the dog. I know some would say maybe we should consider a real puppy for the family. My thought is that we have the perfect pet right now and as a bonus, she's potty trained.

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jenn said...

I thought there were two dogs in the garage!!! We got Emi a "Fur Real" Cat and she seems to think it's a good substitute...Glad preschool is going so well for Annette!