Sunday, September 20, 2009

Delayed Birthday Parties

My middle child had her 9th birthday in May. Right in the middle of busy season of scouts, softball, dance, school and life. Having a May birthday means fitting the celebrating in around all the events. Planning a party for friends is hard in May. They are all busy too.

We planned to have her party over the summer, but between vacation schedules and team sports there never seemed to be a time that would work. What M really wanted was a sleepover with friends at the lake.

July rolled around and with the swine flu outbreak here, visiting relatives and our own vacation the month flew by and still no party. It seemed like our best bet would be to wait until the next school year started and let her choose friends from her new class. Delay the party until the fall when life is a little calmer and M is not as busy.

What a great idea! Delaying her birthday party to this past weekend allowed her to make even better friends with the girls in her class, to have fun at the lake at time when it's no longer possible to swim at the neighborhood pool, and the weather was still nice enough to enjoy the water and the sand without the heat of July.

M had a fabulous sleepover. M had four friends come over on a recent Friday night and we headed out to the lake for a long sleepover. The girls went swimming right away on Friday night. We planned s'mores, but the weather looked questionable for storms and Nana had made her famous Chocolate Chip Cookies so we decided on Cookie Cake and presents inside.

The girls did makeovers all night tucked away in the "big room" at the lake while watching movies. Far enough away for the parents to not hear everything, but still in the same area to be watched. Green Nail polish, Ruby Red Lips and Lots of Blue Eyeshadow. Let's just say it's great to pretend, but I like clean faced little girls lots more.
Saturday morning the girls were up early and, after a pancake breakfast in the sun room, they were ready to hit the water again. Yes, it was only 62 degrees at the time, but they did not care. We did not join them.

There was swimming, jumping, chasing, and finally a boat ride with a stop at "sand mountain" for sledding and splashing.

The girls were so polite, fun and enthusiastic about the "party at the lake". Even when they were still awake at 2 a.m. I knew we had made a wise decision to delay M's birthday. She had a blast and the party was worth the wait!!

Saturday night, however, the parents might have been a little tired. Guess sleepovers are for the young (or young at heart)!

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