Sunday, September 30, 2012

Playing in the Leaves

Our trees are finally big enough to create a leaf pile.  Not a big one mind you and certainly you have to get on top of it before the wind blows them all away.  Miss A had been creating a pile all week long and she was psyched for a nice fall weekend to jump into the pile with her sister.

Sunday afternoon was the perfect time.

I love how willing the girls are to do yard work or housework if the end result is fun.  If only I could figure out a way to make laundry a fun event.  I might actually get to the bottom of the pile and get all those socks put away.

All in all, they must have piled and jumped a half dozen times!  It was nearly dark before I got them to come in for dinner.  Next weekend, the girls are hoping to help our neighbors pile up their backyard. They have about six big trees that are just ripe for the raking.

We are loving our nice cool fall this year and it is perfect for leaf jumping.  Of course with the allergies in our house, this also means a great excuse for a jump in the shower to get all the dust and mold off our hair and bodies.  A sacrifice we are willing to make to have a little fun!

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