Saturday, September 15, 2012

Homecoming Football Game: Victory and Tradition

The Knights are not what you would call a football powerhouse.  In fact, they haven't won a game in two years.  We claim it's due to the fact that it's hard to be "great" at everything.  Our ACT scores rock! However, this year the team is energized by a new head coach and a focus on creating traditions.  It's been fun to watch the team gel and we've all enjoyed the tailgates, pep rallies, and game day excitement.

What we've been the most proud of though is how play after play, down after down, the players get out there and give it there all no matter what the score.  That takes guts and I'll cheer for those boys any day.

Homecoming Week featured a tailgate and a pep rally; the perfect combination for fun in the afternoon sunshine and a great way to build some enthusiasm for the big game.  By Friday, we were all psyched; the girls were wearing the black and red, I had a new Knight shirt, P was doing his normal pacing during a game and Mr C and friends were going crazy yelling, screaming and cheering for the team. There were even cheerleaders from a local all girls school. Yeah!

It was an amazing night and at the end the scoreboard showed us with a huge victory. So much fun.  The best part of the evening was that the boys were welcomed back to campus with a "headlight red carpet."  P and Mr C took our van out to the school and joined all the parents in lining the main street of campus cheering, honking horns, and flashing their headlights while the football players walked down the road arm in arm!  It was an amazing way to celebrate the victory and to show our pride in the team.  Hopefully, this "new tradition" will become a common occurrence.  Go Knights!

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