Friday, September 28, 2012

Cheering on the Team and Our Favorite Dancer

Miss M's dance team had the opportunity to perform at halftime for a high school football game. It was her first time ever dancing on a football field.  It was fun to watch her warm up with the cheerleaders and get a taste of cheer/dance team for a high school.

Miss M said it was the most unique dance arena yet; the ground was hard, it was a little bit chilly, and the crowd seemed so far away.  It's nice once in awhile getting out of your element and trying new things!  Miss M was thrilled that her niece who is a student at the school was in the stand cheering her on.  I told her that she had the largest cheering section; her parents, grandparents, and her aunt and uncle.  You can't beat a crowd supporting you.

Thankfully, Miss M still has two more years before she heads off to high school.  While it was fun to "play" high school for a night, I'm grateful that we are not yet having to make that decision about where M will spend her high school years.  We are blessed to have lots of options where we live including both public and private that we want to research, visit, and pray about.  We want Miss M to be where she will get the best experience.

For now, we'll just go with cheering her on at all her dance performances!

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