Sunday, September 16, 2012

Homecoming Dance

If I ever needed proof that time is really flying, I only need to look at the Homecoming Dance pictures and see my son all dressed up and look into the eyes of his date, the daughter of one of my best friends and there is no doubt we are in wrap speed around here.  My friend K and I both said that it seems like yesterday we were taking two little babies on a stroller walk talking about the best pacifiers.

Mr C and two of his best buddies and Miss E and two of her close friends had a great evening of fun taking pictures, eating at Ruby Tuesday, and dancing the night away.  

Miss M and Miss A were thrilled that we got to see the girls in their pretty dresses during the photo shoot.  Of course, it was all they talked about for days afterword.  We discussed their pretty their hair, how we loved each of the dresses and just how adorable they all were.  Miss A thought the dresses looked like something you could have worn for Princess Kate's wedding, Miss M loved the style of the dresses and envied how they could walk in such high heels.  

After pictures, we took the girls out to dinner (different restaurant from C though both M and A thought it would be great to show up at Ruby Tuesdays) and were amazed that a table near us was full of homecoming kids.  The amazing part was that the girls dresses were so short and tight.  One girl had to constantly "hike" it down to make sure all was covered up if you know what I mean.  I seriously wondered if maybe she had switched outfits at the restaurant certain that no mother would have allowed her daughter out of the house with that short of a hem!  

The real amazing thing is that in a few short years it will be my girls going to dances and I'll be the mother saying no to all the short stuff.  Makes you long for the days of Laura Ashley dresses and Jessica McClintok fancy dresses. 

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