Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Funny Things I've Heard: Fall Edition

I really need to carry a notepad around with me and write down those funny comments my children make.  In reality, I guess I just need to use the notebook I do carry around and actually write them down.  My wheels have been spinning so fast this fall that I just haven't taken the time to do it.

Here are just a few of the "out takes" from our life lately....

Mr C was driving Miss A and I home from a soccer game the other night when this hillarious conversation occured:

Miss A asked Mr C when he would be getting his drivers's license. 
He told her March.
She said to hurry she had places she needed to go.  He could drive her.
Mr C:  "Where do you need to go?"
Miss A responded, "Out to Ice Cream."
Mr C asked, "Who would be paying for the ice cream?" 
Miss A told him "You'll be paying, I'm the date."

Love that she knows those simple rules; the boys pay!

While on the subject of driving, Mr C lost his wallet a few weeks ago and was unable to drive for a week or so.  No wallet, no driver's permit.  We tried to determine where the last place Mr C had his wallet and asked him to please give some time to finding it.

First approach: asked his sisters if they would try to find the wallet, there would be a reward.
Second apprach:  Offered Miss A $10 if she could find the wallet, gave her ideas where to look and begged her to view this as a game with a great reward.

Finally, the mother decided she couldn't take it anymore and went through Mr C's room with a fine tooth comb.  In other words, I cleaned his closet, his drawers and made his bed.  Then I looked under the bed and lo and behold there was the wallet!

When I picked C up after school, I asked what the current reward was for the wallet.  He offered five dollars.  I reminded him of the $10 reward. He told me that only counted if you found it right away; like that day!  I handed him the wallet and said I'd take my $10.00 payment!  

He was shocked. I was $10 richer!  I took my husband to lunch.

One more on the driving:  It was raining the other night and I asked Mr C if he'd like to drive us to a pizza party.  He declined saying he didn't want to drive in bad weather. I chided him that it was a nice gentle rain and the streets were no longer slippery. Perfect for training on wet streets.

Mr C informed me he wouldn't need to learn to drive in rain.  He's moving to that little island in Washington State that it only rains twice a year. Perfect for golf, and no need to drive in rain.  He'd walk on those days.

I told him "good luck with that plan."  For now let's leave you are driving!

A few weeks ago Miss A and I were on our way to the school's Skating Party at a Roller Rink.  One of her most favorite activities.  We were taking the back roads and happend upon a Barnes and Noble Bookstore.

Miss A reading out loud; Barnes and Noble Booksellers and Cafe.
Hey Mom what's a cafe?
Well Miss A it's like a coffee shop inside a bookstore.
Miss A: Who knew they had a cafe inside a Barnes and Noble?  I really need to get out more. Did you know they had a cafe?
I replied that I was aware of the cafe.  When we were first married, we used to hang out there on a Friday night and when you kids were little we'd go to story time on Tuesday mornings and sometimes have a hot chocolate date. I asked her if she remembered those days.
Miss A replied:  Mom you really need to get out too. That's a long time ago!

I think she might be right... I do need to get out more!

A couple of Saturday's ago we were making a Goodwill run to drop off a few bags from our recent closet clean out.  We decided to look inside for a few items for some halloween costumes.  Miss M is hoping to go as Miss America and needs a Prom Dress that she can wear.  I loved the conversation the girls had as they were pursuing the racks of dresses.

As we were walking around Miss A and Miss M were trying to find the "pretty dresses" like something you might wear for a fancy dinner date.  Miss A held up a low cut black dress and asked M if it would work.  Miss M gave it one look and said yeah it will work if I want Mom to scream, "it's innaporpriate." Let's just say the low cut was very low!

A few dresses later, Miss M held up a peach color bridesmaid dress and asked A her thought.  She said it's good if you are going for the throw up vote!  The next dress was too boring for a Miss America and the next few were "old lady" gowns!  

Miss M looked at me and in all seriousness said, "Now I really appreciate Mr C's date's dress!" and "I'm not sure how teen girls do this twice a year for Homecoming and Prom, this is exhausting!"

Total Time spent at Goodwill was about 30 minutes, grey hairs added about twenty.  Life lessons gained about style, grace, and beauty; endless!

I'm sure there are a few more stories that I can tell, but as I said my brain is complete mush this fall.  I'll try to keep track in coming weeks. I know it's not the content that missing, it's just memory!

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