Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekend Away Without Kids

My husband and I got away for a quick night at an adorable bed and breakfast a few hours from home.  We'd been invited to join some friends for a Halloween party complete with costumes.  While neither P or I are into the dress up aspect of Halloween, we were totally on board with the idea of getting away with some other adults for some fun.

It had been years since we'd gone to a bed and breakfast and this little quaint B&B did not disappoint.  There is something special about staying in a place that has been around since 1912 and seen its share of change.  We loved the sweet innkeeper who shared the story of the Argo from hotel during the 20's to a hospital and doctor's office.  Our room was quaint and the formal rooms in home were inviting and perfect for socializing.  They even had a game room with a huge screen TV so that we could watch some football!

After a few hours of travel and some down time to read, relax and hang with friends, it was time for the annual costume parade before dinner at the B&B's Steakhouse.  Thankfully, I had a few Smurf Hats in my possession that I could work around when coming up with a theme for our costumes.  All we needed were some blue tops and white bottoms!  Now you are just going to have to believe me when I say that our costumes were pretty cute.  For some reason, I never asked anyone to take a photo of us all dressed up.

However, I do have to say our costumes were nothing in comparison to the other couples.  There were some pretty impressive outfits!  If we go next year, we will really have to step up our game.  Not only did some of the couples wear "couple costumes," they obviously spent way more time and energy putting together their looks then we did.  I mean how cute are the Insurance Company Duo: Flo and Mayhem.  I loved the "Where in the World is Waldo and Carmen San Diego" outfits, too.  Of course, the Costume Winners were the two couples that came as "KISS."  Not only was the makeup perfect, they even performed with guitars during dinner!

We had a great weekend and were grateful to my parents who let the kids crash at their house while we were away.

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