Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

We survived Halloween.  Since we are down to just one Trick or Treater, we are not overwhelmed with buckets of candy!  Miss M decided this year to take over my job passing out the candy at the door.  I think she just wanted to see all the adorable little kids in their costumes.  Of course, she wanted to dress up a little bit and decided that a Taylor Swift Cowgirl was perfect.

Miss A had two opportunities to wear her Clown Costume.  I will admit that I'm a little biased, but she was adorable. We did however realize that she has a very small nose bridge, making it hard for her to wear a big red foam clown nose and keep it on.  No wonder her glasses are always falling down!

Our Brownie Troop had a little Fall Party allowing the girls a chance to wear their costumes, make Carmel apples, and play a few games.  After ten years of planning classroom parties, I have a plethora of ideas stored in my head and knew that Monster Mash Musical Chairs is always a winner.  For Miss A's 2nd grade classroom party, we had a bowl of "brains and mush" for the kids to feel their way through.  Give some kids a bowl of spaghetti, plastic spiders, gooey grapes, and a few other surprises and they will have a blast. Seeing some of the kids faces as they dug into the bowl with their eyes tightly closed was so worth the mess.

Mr C's got some more use out of his Smurf Costume (guess the work was all worth it) for his schools' Halloween Dance.  In fact, three of his friends joined him in a Smurf community of sorts. Trying to be the hip mother, I made Witch's Fingers Cookies for the party.  They were both yummy and disgusting.

I'm glad my crew had a fun and safe Halloween, but a little melancholy over the fact that now Fall is almost over.  Not ready for winter yet!

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