Friday, November 30, 2012

Chicago Wrap Up

We had such a fun trip to Chicago for Thanksgiving and a huge part of that was getting to share a little of the Christmas preparation with Bestemor and Bestefar.  On Saturday, we helped them put up and decorate their Christmas tree and the kids got to see the traditional ornaments along with the handmade monogrammed ornaments that Bestemor made.  How fun to see each of our names and the year we "joined" the family on an ornament.

Oh, the pressure!  How fun that both sets of grandmothers have crafted things (ornaments to stockings) for the grandkids to eventually take to their own homes one day!  I'm sure that these treasured items will find a special place in my children's homes.

In addition to decorating, we had a relaxing day swimming at the pool, playing more tennis, going to a Train Exhibit at the Lodge, working on various projects (sewing for Miss A, untangling yarn balls for me), and just soaking up our time with the grands.

That evening, we had the best time when Uncle S and Aunt C came over for pizza and Bestefar dug out the old slide projector and entertained us with slides from P's childhood.  All three of my kids were rolling on the floor looking at pictures of Dad wearing Christmas Outfits smocked by his mother and outfits in all shades of plaid!  As a child of the 70's, he had some really "groovy" outfits.  I think Mr C was grateful that he was born in the more respectable decade of the late nineties.  Miss A was fascinated with the fact that nearly all of P's childhood trips included a trip to a Southern Plantation.  Guess our little Midwest girl had no idea what a Crape Myrtle or hanging Spanish Moss looked like.

I'd say the trip down memory lane with slides was well worth traveling through the fog to see.  Now we just have to convince both sets of parents to dig out the old slides and start showing them off to the grandkids and then running to the photo store to convert all those slides to a DVD!

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