Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My DVR is full: Hallmark Christmas Movie Marathon

My name is Jill, and I'm a Hallmark Christmas Movie addict and I'm not ashamed admit it.  I can't even tell you how excited I was when I heard that the Hallmark Channel was debuting two new Christmas Movies each weekend.  I love nothing more this time of year than doing a chore (knitting, dusting, sorting laundry, or making dinner) and having a Christmas Movie playing in the background.

When the rest of the world is crazy busy with events, projects and shopping, I'm soaking up the calm and joy of a wholesome Christmas story.  I've even gotten the girls in on the fun, and yesterday Miss A told me that she loves a "good Christmas movie" too.  Guess when most of the time I'm saying "no" to movies and television shows, its nice to have the ability to say yes.

Sure there are scoffers in my family who think it's crazy that I'll be watching Christmas movies while refusing to put up my tree until after Thanksgiving or that I rally against the commercialization of the "season" while filling my DVR with these movies. Mr C might have asked if this was "65 Days until Christmas " movie countdown.  My husband might jokingly say "they just don't make movies like that anymore." after the airing of each and every new movie I watch.  I just ignore those comments.  Deep down I know that the boys wish they could join in on the fun, they know that these type of shows are few and far between.

For now, I'm just enjoying having a plethora of shows to watch while I crank through the Christmas Card list and make those Caramels for the teacher gifts.  Guess this addiction is not one I'm willing to give up, at least not until January.

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