Saturday, November 3, 2012

Passing on the Political Bug

If you asked me what  I've been up to the past three Fridays, I'd explain that first Mr C had off school, then next week Miss A had off school, and finally last Friday Miss M had off school. Gotta love three different school calendars and multiple teacher conferences.  Yikes.

The one benefit is one-on-one time with the child which means I've been shopping, out to lunch, and arranging fun activities each week.  I've loved it, but it's kept me hopping.  With the election right around the corner, I had a few political things I needed to do last week and Miss M readily agreed to help.  I told her if she would walk a few streets and putting out fliers for a school board candidate I'm helping with, I'd buy her lunch.

When the opportunity arose to go a real political rally for a Senate candidate, I asked Miss M if she'd be willing to get up early on her day off and head to an event featuring John McCain and our state Republican slate.  Without hesitation, she said yes.  In fact, she was super excited. She loved Senator McCain four years ago and was thrilled with the idea of seeing him in person.

I've got to tell you it was the most fun I've had in weeks. Miss M was so excited to be in the crowd cheering for our party faithful.  We ran into my favorite US Senator, that I used to work for, and we discussed how much it seemed like old times. A political rally at an Airport Hanger!

There is something really fun about sharing a part of your "former life before kids" with your kids.  Miss M was cheering and laughing at the political jokes and being a real part of the political process.  In fact when the official event was over, Miss M begged me to stick around in hopes of getting her photo with Senator McCain.   She edged her way to the front of the press conference and stood right by the Senator waiting her turn for a photo.

I was so proud.

Just so you know she got her photo opp and she was thrilled.  Who knows if this is just the beginning of her political career!

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