Friday, November 30, 2012

My Favorite Homemaking Week

Yesterday, I took down Fall  The beautiful pumpkins are all gone, the leaves and stuffed turkey have been put away. I always feel like Thanksgiving gets the short stick in holiday celebrating so I refuse to put away all the fall decor until after Thanksgiving!  The fact that we were out of town for the holiday means I didn't get pressured to get all the Christmas stuff out and ready until now.

I love Christmas decorations, but I only really love them for about 30 days.  In fact, by December 26th, I'm pretty much ready to take it all down and get back to "normal."

Today, I dug out the basement storage area and found the mantel decor, the outdoor decorations, and the things I do myself. The really fun stuff like the tree will wait until this weekend when the kids and my husband can help.  I won't rob them of that joy.

The Spode Dishes have replaced my normal Poppies on Blue China in the cupboard.  All month long, we will be eating our normal meals on these fancy dishes. The girls already commented on how pretty the gold trimmed drinking glasses are and I've enjoyed my first cup of coffee in the Spode Mug.  I'm sure there will be plenty of Hot Apple Cider and Hot Coco to come this month.

For years, we used to just eat our Christmas Day dinner on the plates.  We'd unpack them on the 23rd and they'd return to the bonus room on the 26th until I realized that it was such a waste not to enjoy these fun, festive plates more.  I'll admit this is one small change in our routine that just adds to the joy of the season.

In unpacking them this year, I ran across a set of dishes by Mary Engelbreit that I forgot I had.  In fact, I think come January they might just grace our table for a few weeks.  I figure by then the winter doldrums will have hit our town and a little fun might be just what we need.  At this rate, all I'll need to come up with are some Irish Plates for March and it will be late Spring before those everyday dishes are once again in use!

I'm committed in December to enjoying this simple blessings and soaking up all the joy I can in the normal and mundane tasks of getting the house and family ready for Christmas. No rushing through the Season for me.  I've penciled in a day to bake Cinnamon Rolls, a few lunch dates with friends, and a wrapping present afternoon.  Of course with my DVR full of Christmas Movies of all types, I'm sure I won't be lacking the entertainment to push me through the hours I'll be stirring Caramels on the stove or writing out the Christmas

Isn't that what being a Homemaker is all about, making our home a haven of peace, calm and joy; especially at Christmas time.

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