Thursday, October 25, 2012

Man in the Yellow Hat: Pumpkin Version

Miss M had a class assignment to take a pumpkin or gourd and transform it into a favorite storybook character   Right away she came up with the idea to make the Man with a Yellow Hat, from the Curious George Book Series.  Miss A loves to have Miss M read her books and we have quite a collection of George's adventures so it only made sense!

At first, we tried to figure out how to make a round, plump pumpkin into a man with a tall hat, long face and features that were neither round or plump.  Thankfully, sitting right inside our front door was huge gourd that was tall and gave Miss M plenty of room to work with to create a masterpiece. She drew up a plan on paper and we went shopping for supplies.  I'll admit I was a little concerned about how this would all come together.  Nana to the rescue.  She used M's design, our supplies, a little fabric, a little felt, and the two of them came up with something that not only looked just the book illustrations, but made the gourd look like a real person!

Our first concern was getting Mr Yellow Hat to the school and then onto the Restaurant "Cheeseburger in Paradise" where it would be judged by the patrons.  Sitting in the front seat of my car, all buckled in, I was nervous that I might stop too suddenly and quickly volunteered to drive the gourd onto it's final destination.  I was thrilled when Miss M's teacher volunteered to sit with the gourd in her lap while her husband drove to Cheeseburger!


Of course, our family wanted a chance to "vote" for Miss M's pumpkin in person so last week we enjoyed a delicious dinner out.  I gotta say, Miss M's pumpkin was amazing.  One of her classmates had painted a curious George on a pumpkin and the two storybook buddies were sitting right next to each other.  It was as if a page of a book had come to life.  Win or lose, we are proud of Miss M's efforts.  Who doesn't love the Man in the Yellow Hat and his favorite buddy George?

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