Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving Cornicopia

Thanksgiving Day at Nana and Papa's House
It's not really Thanksgiving in our family until we witness the traditional Thanksgiving Play put on by the cousins. Finally, Miss A is old enough to actually read the script. This year's play was all about our blessings of faith, family and country. Miss M helped to write the play. Mr. C was in charge of the Citizenship Test that we took at the end, and Miss A was in charge of leading us in the pledge. She was hoping to have a "hat of flags," but settled with each of us holding a flag and she held the biggest one of all.
There were crafts and puzzles and great fun at N & P's house. We were thrilled that L was home from college, and the my in laws from the windy city were able to make the trek to town, too. It wouldn't be family Thanksgiving without "all" of us at the table. We are especially thankful that we can all celebrate together, and while we miss having Grammy at our table, she's not forgotten. Just ask Miss A about her little pink Christmas tree in her room!! I know Grammy would be thrilled that her great granddaughter caught the "pink" gene.
I love that our Thanksgivings are about praising God for the bounty and resting. No hustle and bustle, no pressure to outdo or perform. Instead, it is just about spending time with the people we love. There is something to be said for just setting aside one Thursday in November to pause and be grateful and I love that we don't try to rush over it.
Thanksgiving Night we might have watched a football game, but I'm keeping my mouth shut about the outcome. You could say, however, that I'm not thinking my honey will be as excited about the bowl season as he has been in the past.

Love ya honey. There is always next year!!

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